Dillon Frost

Bio Statement: How can someone humbly describe themselves and their accomplishments in a bio statement? While Dillon may seem like a very generic dude, he was trained as an engineer and has rotated through various corporate roles throughout his budding career in the plastics industry. He is not satisfied with business as usual and wants to break free of corporate bureaucracy to do something different. His definition of different starts with thinking about products from cradle to grave, bucking traditional manufacturing methods, and putting emphasis on building up not only things but just as importantly the people that make them.

Idea Overview: Electricity is the lifeblood of the modern age and its stable supply is becoming a commodity taken for granted in our developed civilization. As more people adopt renewable, decentralized ways to generate electricity such as solar and wind power there will be more demand for the ability to store power when it is able to be produced but is not needed. While batteries are a viable solution for limited-duration energy storage, the production, storage, and use of hydrogen from water-splitting devices offer a more scalable and stable option to store and use excess power. Our idea is to develop a hydrogen energy storage system that will be designed with safety and scalability in mind to benefit and enable the adoption of renewable energy as an overall better way to support our modern needs. Safety will be the primary focus of the system above all else with redundant safeguards in place to sense and automatically shut down system operations when leaks or faults are detected and direct energy safely away from the system until manually reactivated. Scalability will be accomplished with the option to easily and with minor investment increase storage capacity similar to buying additional gas cans to store your gasoline.