Robert Walker

After meeting as doubles partners on the Davison High School Tennis Team, Austin and Robert began their journey with Gas Money by mowing lawns in their community for extra money. Through these experiences, they created a platform for young adults to offer services in their community.

Idea Overview
Gas Money is a platform that enables homeowners to find and hire young adults in their area for the completion of home- and yard-based services. These services include jobs such as lawn mowing, landscaping, and car washing, to name a few, but our goal is to eventually accommodate any service that can be completed by a high school or college student. Unlike other gig-based platforms, Gas Money is fully youth-led, and all contractors that offer services on the Gas Money App must be 16-24 years old. Gas Money contractors can create their own schedules and communicate directly with clients through the app, and they also have the ability to collaborate with other contractors in their area. The Gas Money App is completely free to use, and it generates revenue on a commission-based model from completed jobs. Our mission is to provide young adults with the opportunity to become their own boss so they can develop real-world skills in communication, leadership, and accountability.