Leo Robinson

Leo Robinson II is a Flint Native and the Lead Pastor of a new church named Good Church. He possesses a degree from Central Michigan University in Community Development. He is a husband of 18 years and has 5 children (4 biological and 1 adopted from Russia). Leo leads a team of individuals who have the heart to serve the city of Flint. Good Church is a multicultural church plant on the Northside of Flint. The good church was purposely planted in this community in order to be a center of hope for a struggling population. Its vision is to bring the love of Jesus to the community by meeting basic needs in the most tangible ways. After much research, Good Church found that one of the major needs of its community was a local Laundromat. The need is great, so immediately they have gone into action hoping to solve this problem which has impacts on the schools, employment rates, and the family structure.

Idea Overview
Residents in the north Flint area who do not have laundry units in their homes often have to travel well over 4 miles to get to the nearest Laundromat. Aside from traveling, laundry facilities are also costly. Many residents have expressed the need to choose between paying for food and utilities or paying for personal hygiene. This condition is called “hygiene poverty”. Good Laundry is determined to help eliminate this condition in the community that we serve. We are working diligently on opening a low-cost community Laundromat on the Northside of Flint. The Laundromat, coined “Good Laundry” will be housed in a separate side of the building of Good Church, located at 1034 E. Holbrook Ave, Flint, MI 48505. This will just be the start of building relationships with those who utilize this facility. They will have access to computer labs to search for jobs and also a safe place for their children to play.