Kayla Laird

I am a young entrepreneur with a passion for creating healthy and sustainable products. I currently have two businesses, the first, Lord Laird’s Premium Lemonade, specializing in all-organic health drinks, and Queen Netzo Jewelry, in memory of my mother Kennette Laird. I am currently developing a new business called Mobars, specializing in creating natural energy bars. I have two Associates degrees, one in Applied Arts and the other in General Business from Mott Community College. Recently, I have graduated with a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management in 2020.

Idea Overview

Lord Laird’s Premium Lemonade is a family-owned business based in Flint, Michigan. The company was created with the objective to provide an all-natural beverage with a high-quality taste that consumers enjoy. Lord Laird’s Premium Lemonade referred to as Lord Laird’s, specializes in freshly-squeezed organic lemonade made with two special ingredients such as aloe vera and raw honey.