Erica Walker

Erica Walker was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. They are a mother of two children. They are self-taught seamstresss, Fashion Designer, and Fashion Mentor. She specializes in making formal wear such as Prom dresses and Wedding dresses. While she makes clothes, she also mentors and teaches sewing. Erica enjoys teaching those who have a passion for learning such a valuable skill as sewing. Being a seamstress and Fashion Designer has allowed Erica to start a creative and useful business.

Sew Like A Pro offers individuals the opportunity to express themselves with unique and custom clothing. It allows customers to sit with me and create a unique piece of clothing from scratch and bring that piece to life. Not only being able to visually create a unique piece of clothing but also to learn how to sew that item (with the help of a hands-on Fashion Mentor) by themselves. Over the last couple of years, sewing has been taken out of the school system. Erica offers what the schools could no longer offer. Sewing is a home economic skill that is extremely useful in many different career choices, from Fashion to vehicle interior, to home and commercial interior designing, and many more.