Danielle Statom

My name is Danielle Statom and I am the owner of Beauty Controversy. Beauty Controversy is where everything in beauty is a controversy. Many times when ladies wear their lashes, their lashes start to lift up in the corner of their eyes. Or, they forget they have lashes on and they rub their eye and their strip comes off. Or Maybe they spend the night at their significant other place and their lashes come off in the middle of the night. We have designed a lash case poppable similar to a pop-socket that allows women to store their lashes strip on the back of their phone, laptop, vanity, mirror, desk, locker, car, and anywhere on the go. The lash case poppable has a lid to open and close the case. Inside the case, there’s an s-shape and on both sides, you can insert your lashes in the base has a sticky adhesive which allows you to stick to any hard surfaces.