Bryan Lendzion

I am a senior at Michigan State University studying supply chain management. I first had the idea of Subleasify my sophomore year when I experienced the struggles of subletting. I started noticing that this was a common issue in college towns and cities, so I decided to create a platform that solves these problems. Subleasify is a web-based sublet service that solves a two-sided marketplace. The platform works as an intermediary, combining property managers and tenants to make the sublet process simple and convenient. Often, tenants aren’t offered a sublet policy, and if they are, it usually requires the inconvenience of time, paperwork, and expensive fees. Property managers don’t want to offer a sublet policy because they would take on these burdens. With Subleasify, we provide property managers a financial incentive through sublet fees and a free, easy-to-use sublet platform that handles the responsibility of subletting for them and their tenants. This platform is less expensive for tenants and more profitable for property managers while erasing the burdens in this two-sided marketplace.