Aisha Harris

Bio Statement
Dr Aisha Harris, MD is a Flint native and Family Medicine Physician who is starting a direct primary care clinic called Harris Family Health in Flint. She graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine and completed her Family Medicine residency at University of Illinois-Chicago. She is a creator of the BLK FAM DOC outreach platform that includes a podcast called Black Family Doctor and a local health resource called Flint Health Hub. Additionally, she is involved in health advocacy and public health work to help address health disparities and health inequities.

Idea Statement
A direct primary care clinic in Flint which provides affordable and transparent membership based primary care services that does not accept health insurance. The clinic will provide comprehensive primary care services with access to discounted pricing for labs and medications and stronger doctor-patient relationship through increased access and time. The direct primary care clinic is an alternative primary care option that gives patients the health care they deserve with less hassle and better health outcomes.